Provide cutting edge brain rehabilitation with Brain+ RECOVER

Offer your patients access to evidence-based and motivating neurorehabilitation on a digital platform as part of current treatment efforts.

Benefits of cognitive rehabilitation

  • Improved daily life function
  • Greater independence
  • Better understanding of abilities and strengths
  • Greater wellbeing
  • Improved mood

Conditions relevant to Brain+ RECOVER

Acquired brain injury
+ Stroke
+ Traumatic brain injury

Mental health
+ Depression
+ Stress
+ Anxiety
+ Schizophrenia

Healthy aging
+ Healthy elderly population

Neurodegenerative disorders
+ Mild cognitive impairment
+ Subjective cognitive impairment
+ Parkinson’s disease (early stages)
+ Alzheimer’s disease (mild)

Brain+ RECOVER has undergone tests and trials for the conditions listed above.
Generally, it can be applied to any cognitive deficit, regardless of the diagnosis or cause, provided the person is able to interact with a smartphone or a tablet.

“Our citizens experience increased autonomy, confidence and a higher level of participation.“

– Signe W. Jeppesen, Physiotherapist and co-responsible for the development and implementation of Welfare & Health technology in Lejre Municipality, Denmark

Personalized and adaptive training

Every brain is unique, which is why Brain+ Recover is a flexible tool that automatically adapts to each user’s unique cognitive needs.

The user’s cognitive capabilities are assessed upon the initial session and, based on that assessment,  a tailor-made program is created for them. It consists of 2 complementary ingredients:

1. Neurogames

Scientifically designed cognitive exercises that stimulate neuroplastic adaptation and recovery. The unique Brain+ method makes training more personalized, precise, intense and effective.

2. Behavioral therapy and learning

The virtual BrainCoach helps the user develop brain-healthy habits and implement them in everyday life. The program also includes metacognitive therapy, mindfulness and other guided exercises.

The NeuroGames exercise a selection of cognitive domains within these 4 main areas:

+ Attention Island: general visual attention and short-term memory
+ Ocean of Attention: visual attention capacity and short-term memory
+ Speed perception: visual perception speed
+ Eye for detail: visual precision and attention to detail

Working memory
+ Memory Lane: general work memory and task switching
+ Bulky codes, Highway1, Letters Lane: working memory capacity
+ Grace under pressure: ability to focus under pressure, task switching speed
+ Speedy memory: encoding speed

Executive functions
+ Path Finder: planning and problem solving

Episodic memory and language
+ Remember me?: Semantic and episodic memory, memorization, word finding, memory techniques
+ Cocktail party: memory capacity, memo techniques

Motivate, engage, exercise

Brain+ RECOVER is a gamified neuro-rehabilitation platform, designed to create an immersive and captivating experience which increases user focus and effect, and generate high adherence rates.

“I was surprised that it actually worked. 30 to 40 minutes a day have given me a lot.”

– Anonymous patient

“If your time is scarce and you only have moments to play during the day, I recommend this app.”

– Yael Braender, Android user

95% complete the prescribed 12 weeks
of rehabilitation with our daily training.

Designed for Self-training and Autonomy

The Brain+ RECOVER app is designed specifically for self-training and is ideal for home training. It allows the user to take more control, gain more insight, and train anytime, anywhere.

This may mean reduced support needs, faster return to the labor market, less risk of relapse, fewer doctor/hospital visits and fewer health expenses, e.g. for medication.

“My confidence has grown, and I believe that I can actually get better. I’m thrilled. This is really a victory for me.”

– Frode

User stories:

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Provide more rehabilitation time for each patient

Autonomous self-training and the possibilities of training at home mean more active therapeutic time for each patient. The time health care professionals save this way can then be used for other activities, like in-depth dialogues with their patients about their insights and the results of their activities, based on accurate data from Pro Insights.

“The self-training aspect means we can offer rehabilitation and prevention options to a greater number of citizens without increased pressure on the staff. Our patients are very pleased with having this extra opportunity to optimize their cognitive training at home.”

– Signe W. Jeppesen, Physiotherapist and co-responsible for the development and implementation of Welfare & Health technology in Lejre Municipality, Denmark

Get accurate insights with Pro-Insights

Pro-Insights is a web tool for clinicians and professionals which provides a user-friendly overview of patients training with the Brain + RECOVER app.


Data accessible via Pro Insights include:
+ Training activity and adherence
+ Development and improvement regarding cognitive abilities
+ Detailed cognitive profiles, strengths and weaknesses, measured against the norm.

Brain + RECOVER is tested and developed with leading researchers and clinicians

Brain+ has 13 scientific and clinical studies in Europe and the US. 7 of them are randomized, controlled clinical trials

Indications: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, stroke, brain trauma, mild cognitive impairment, chronic pain, cancer.

Want to know more?

We are happy to send you more information about Brain+ RECOVER and Pro-Insights. We also offer advise on how our solutions can contribute to your current rehabilitation efforts.