Brain+ showcased at Danish Dementia Days & Altenpflege in Germany

Brain+ showcased at Danish Dementia Days & Altenpflege in Germany

  • Brain+ was featured at The Dementia Days in Copenhagen, the most important annual dementia event in Denmark with over 1,000 municipal dementia coordinators present
  • Brain+ was selected as one of the most promising new elderly care technology start-ups at the annual German elderly care conference, Altenpflege  
  • Conference showcasing is essential to build product awareness and relationships with target customers – and has confirmed growing interest in the Brain+ dementia products  

Following the market introduction of the first commercial version of its digital dementia care product, CST Assistant, in Denmark in Q4 2022 and in Germany in Q2 2023, Brain+ has scaled its go-to-market activities. As an essential component, this includes attendance and product showcasing at key dementia and elderly care conferences to build awareness of the company’s digital Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) products.

In April and May, Brain+ has exhibited and presented its products at the Danish Dementia Days and CareWare conferences, and at the German Altenpflege (Elderly Care), one of Europe’s largest conferences in the elderly care space. These market activities have not only resulted in direct customer leads in both markets but also underscored the growing focus on and interest in new dementia care solutions, which can help increase the reach and efficacy of dementia care. 

Dementia Days 2023 in Copenhagen – key event for building relations with Danish dementia coordinators

The annual dementia summit, Dementia Days, held in Copenhagen on 15-16 May, 2023 had over 1,000 municipal dementia coordinators in attendance together with the full Danish dementia eco-system and key stakeholders. For Brain+´ Danish go-to-market activities, this conference is the most important event of the year for meeting customers and stakeholders and for relationship and brand building. Basic analogue Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), the foundation for Brain+´ digital CST products, was featured prominently across the conference program as a supportive frame for customer interest in Brain+’ CST Assistant. 

Brain+ had approximately 50 conversations with potential customers and distributed marketing materials directly to approximately 150. In the Danish municipal sales cycle, the first half of the year is typically used to identify relevant new product and service solutions, while the second half is for budgeting and buying. Product awareness and customer relationship building are thus expected to convert into paying customer contracts and sales towards the end of the year. 

Altenpflege 2023 in Nuremberg – showcasing CST in Germany 

Altenpflege is regarded as one of the top international conferences for the elderly care industry with over 27 000 visitors, primarily from Germany. Brain+ was selected as one of the most promising new care technology start-ups and therefore received special exhibition support to showcase its products. At the conference, Brain+ initiated dialogues with several of the larger organizations engaged in dementia care. In Germany, analogue CST as dementia therapy is still in its early phase of adoption despite being met with good interest from care organizations due to its strong evidence base. Alongside the adoption of analogue CST, interest is also growing for the digitalized CST products of Brain+. 

Following the introduction of the first German version of CST Assistant, Brain+ is building awareness and engaging with customers. Sales in Germany are expected to start materializing approximately one year after market introduction. 

CareWare – dementia master class

The CareWare conference is a classic annual welfare-technology event in Denmark, where health care professionals come to learn about the latest healthcare devices and technologies. Also here, CST was on the agenda, underlining again how this non-pharmaceutical treatment approach is growing in awareness and recognition in Denmark. Brain+ attended CareWare and met with its collaborators from Via University College. Via is one of only two institutions in Denmark licensed to train dementia coordinators in becoming CST therapists. So far, more than 500 therapists have been trained in delivering analogue CST, and many more are being trained every year as Danish municipalities are showing increasing interest in this therapeutic method. As adoption of analogue CST is increasing in Denmark, the target user base for Brain+’ digital CST-product, CST Assistant, is growing.

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The mission of Brain+ is to make effective treatments for cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s accessible to everyone as digital therapeutics.