From the CEO: 
I am pleased with the Brain+ 2021 annual results we have presented today.
With our commitment to develop medical software to detect and treat the cognitive symptoms of dementia, 2021 brought real progress.

A few highlights:

– Secured first strategic partnership with large pharma company in the main target market, Germany.

– Acceleration of the expected launch of the company’s first Digital Therapeutics product for dementia treatment, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Therapist Companion, in Denmark and Germany in 2023 (from original plan of 2025).

– Successful listing on Nasdaq First North Denmark, which raised the financing needed to accelerate activities and advance R&D pipeline

– 5 ongoing clinical trials and design and planning of a 6th trial progressed in 2 large grant funded innovation projects with partner universities Oxford, Nottingham, Aarhus.

– Recruiting of full clinical, technology and regulatory team (incl. Chief Technology Officer and Sr. Regulatory Affairs manager)

– Initiation and lead of a Eurostars’ grant project, to develop a new mechanism of action for cognitive training targeting people-at-risk of dementia, especially Mild Cognitive Impairment.

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