Brain+’s vision is to improve your quality of life by helping you train, improve and maintain your brain’s sharpness. To help you on the journey we have developed the Brain+ brain training app which contains a virtual Brain Coach and a number of scientifically designed brain training games that enable you to train critical brain functions such as attention, memory, problem solving, planning, and language.

Improving these brain functions gives you improved performance in areas such as your learning ability, reading speed, creativity, emotional intelligence and stress management.

In the long term, brain training can help you maintain your mental edge throughout life and prevent illnesses such as dementia.

Brain+ games and exercises are  developed in collaboration with leading neuroscientists from the University of Copenhagen and is intended for people of all ages.

Below you can read more about the BrainCoach, Captains Challenge, Remember Me and Fresh Frog – techniques and exercises which will all improve your brain in your everyday life.



New Feature


A look at the features of the new Brain+ BrainCoach. The picture displays an unlocked BrainBasics area and a locked BrainAdvanced area.

Listen & learn powerful techniques for improving your brain


BrainCoach is a virtual brain trainer teaching easy-to-learn and powerful techniques to get your brain to perform better in everyday life. Brain Coach teaches you about the brain, about a wide range of powerful mental techniques and the optimum lifestyle for a healthy and efficient brain. At the same time, it helps you through specific exercises to incorporate these as mental habits in your life, which improves your brain’s abilities in a variety of everyday situations.

Your BrainCoach consists of a series of 5-10 minute long mini-audiobooks, “SmartSessions”, each teaching you about a specific brain function, a technique and an exercise for you to incorporate into you everyday life.

BrainCoach takes you on a progressive journey through the brain functions and works with both simple and more advanced brain training principles, as well as aspects such as. lifestyle, working methods, stress management and sleep, which causes your brain to function more optimally.

Have a look at a few of the exercises introduced in the BrainBasic module:

  • Use repetition to improve your memory.
  • Be social and strengthen new memories..
  • Learn to intentionally control attention.
  • Avoid distractions to free attentional capacity.
  • Maximize your effectiveness through focus.
  • Solve problems by breaking them down.



Brain training games


Captains Challenge

Captains Challenge – Train your attention

Captains Challenge

In the Captain’s Challenge game, your task is to navigate a ship through a randomized course that automatically adapts difficulty based on your performance. The course will contain several obstacles whose location will be shown to you for a short amount of time before starting the course. In order to complete the course, you will have to remember where the obstacles on the course are. You will then have to navigate through the course without hitting the obstacles and afterwards point out where the obstacles were located.

The exercise focuses on visual short term memory which helps you visualize information and store it in your brain for future recollection. The exercise also tests and trains your ability to pay attention and will provide you with feedback on how well you are performing on these aspects.


Real life applications of Captains Challenge:
            • You will be able to process information faster in your working memory while reading, talking and working.
            • You will become better at focusing your attention on specific tasks.
            • Your spatial navigation will be improved through increased awareness of your surroundings.





Remember me

Remember Me – Train your memory

Remember Me

In Remember Me, your objective is to remember information about people. During the exercise, a number of people will give you information about themselves. Throughout the game, these same people will return and ask you about the information which they told you earlier. If you cannot remember, you will receive some assistance in triggering your memory. The better you remember, the less assistance you will receive. In addition, you are also faced with the challenge of remembering more information about more and more people.

The exercise is designed to help you improve your long term memory, your working memory and your semantic memory.


Real life applications of Remember Me:
            • You will become better, faster and more efficient at coding new information into your brain, i.e. memorizing information.
            • You will become better at remembering names and facts about people in your life.
            • You will be able to remember information for longer periods of time.






Fresh Frog - Problem Solving Brain trainer

Fresh Frog – Train your problem solving skills

Fresh Frog

In Fresh Frog your job as the enchanted frog is to plan the most efficient route to the princess to get the kiss you need to break the spell.  As the levels become increasingly complex, new actions and game elements will be introduced that affect the frog and interacts with him. This will force you to develop more complex strategies for the frog to reach his beloved princess. As with all our games, Fresh Frog adapts the difficulty to push you to the edge of your ability.

The exercise is designed to help you improve your Problem solving skills, your planning skills and your working memory.


Real life applications of Fresh Frog:
  • Your ability to plan ahead and forsee the concequences of your actions will be improved.
  • You will be better at analyzing situations and solve problems.
  • Remembering and holding pieces of information in your mind will be easier.





All exercises are developed in close collaboration with scientific experts in the field of brain training. For this reason, the Brain+ brain training app is used in studies on efficient brain training. You can read more about our partners and scientific projects on our site.


More games and exercises are currently being developed and will be added through future content updates.