The term “attention” encompasses several abilities that govern various aspects of filtering stimuli. A simple way of thinking about attention is to think of it as an ability to pick and choose what stimuli and impressions in your field of vision you want to focus on. The point of having this ability is to allow the brain to focus on specific things that you assess to be the most important. If the brain was allowed to process all the information that you are constantly faced with, it would quickly be overloaded. By excluding some stimuli or information, the brain gets the chance to fully focus on specific tasks which in turn will bring better results overall.

It is up to you to guide your attention and decide if it is more beneficial to focus on a specific thing in great detail or a multitude of things in less detail. Your brain is naturally predisposed to switch its focus on certain things, but you have the ability to focus your attention as you prefer. If you get distracted often, it is generally because you allow it to happen.

Studies have also shown that children’s ability to control and guide their attention and suppress impulse-based behaviour has a direct influence on their social and academic abilities.


Attention training disciplines

The following is a list of the areas that are most important to focus on when training attention. They are your ability to:

  • Focus selectively on one thing.
  • Maintain your focus for an extended duration.
  • Process multiple things simultaneously.


Test and train your attention with Brain+

Our Brain+ application enables you to train all aspects of attention. It also helps you train other key areas such as memory, control and decision-making. It helps you set up a training program that is customized to your time schedule and needs. The Brain+ technology tailors the difficulty of the exercises based on your unique ability profile and current performance to ensure a relevant training program that will always suit your needs.

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