Our brain’s ability to change and create new connections between brain cells is known as the brain’s plasticity or neuroplasticity. This plasticity enables us to train our brain to learn new things and to perform tasks better. It is how we learn, both as children and adults, and how patients with brain damage can regain lost brain functions. In other words, it is the basis for brain training.

Scientific studies have shown that a way to utilize the potential of the brain’s plasticity is to regularly challenge the areas you want to improve. The challenge for efficient brain training lies in the task of creating cognitive exercises that improve your general ability within a given area and not just your ability to do the exercise itself. Most existing exercise programs do not translate training directly to real life use. Getting better at the task itself does not necessarily make you better at other things.

That is what we have worked to change. We have teamed up with some of the leading researchers and doctors within the field of cognitive psychology, neuroscience and rehabilitation and have developed exercises that target specific areas in your life to ensure that our brain training exercises will enhance and improve your abilities.


Brain training can be efficient and fun

Our application is designed to maximize the training effect on the brain, based on the latest findings. Some key principles for our brain training application are:

  • Training skills for “real life”
  • Engaging the trainee in brain training
  • Entertaining the trainee
  • Customizing training to suit the individual trainee
  • Challenging to the “edge of ability”


Our brain training exercises are highly focused on a positive user experience. We have worked hard to make your training as entertaining, intuitive and accessible as possible, in order to keep you motivated. The exercises are currently being used in studies about brain training effects and research into cognitive rehabilitation, but it is important for us that the exercises do not feel too much like an examination- they must be as fun as possible without sacrificing training efficiency.

To ensure the best possible training experience for you, we have designed the application to constantly monitor your performance and adjust the difficulty and functionality of the training programs to your ability.

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