Train your brain’s abilities with Brain+ RECOVER

Exercise your concentration, memory, control of thoughts and emotions, problem solving, planning and learn healthy habits for your brain. All you need is a tablet or a smartphone.



Every brain is unique, so Brain+ RECOVER adapts to you!

Brain+ Recover is a flexible evidencebased rehabilitation tool that automatically adapts to fit your needs and the state of your cognitive functions.  Your cognitive capabilities are assessed upon the initial session and, based on that assessment, a tailor-made program is created for you. Furthermore, the app keeps adapting as your needs change, making it a perfect long-term training tool for your brain.


It consists of 2 complementary ingredients:

  1. Brain+ Neurogames – Science-based gamified cognitive exercises that help you improve your memory and focus by stimulating neuroplastic adaptation and reconstruction.
  2.  Brain+ BrainCoach –  A virtual behavioural therapist that helps you learn how to manage stress, implement brain-healthy habits, fight against counterproductive thinking patterns, and make the most of your brain resources.

How does it work




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Brain+ RECOVER users say:

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Enjoy your recovery and be inspired by it

The Brain+ RECOVER app is a fun, relaxing, and informally-looking rendition of powerful cognitive rehabilitation techniques, with dynamic gameplay and beautiful graphics. Additionally, it also provides you with insight into your state and progress.

“My confidence has grown, and I believe that I can actually get better. I’m thrilled. This is really a victory for me.”

A part of your routine

“The app is fun, adapts to the individual’s ability and can be offered to anyone using a smartphone or tablet. Our patients are very pleased with having this extra opportunity to optimize their cognitive training at home.”

– Signe W. Jeppesen, Physiotherapist and co-responsible for the development and implementation of Welfare & Health technology in Lejre Municipality, Denmark

The training can be accessed anytime, anywhere, and it is simple to handle. Additionally, it includes:

  • Step-by-step guidelines
  • Personalized difficulty, constantly adapting to your needs
  • The science behind each exercise
  • Brain profile with performance and development
  • Access to your account across platforms and devices.

Brain + RECOVER is tested and developed with leading researchers and clinicians

Brain+ has 13 scientific and clinical studies in Europe and the US. 7 of them are randomized, controlled clinical trials

Indications: Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, depression, stroke, brain trauma, mild cognitive impairment, chronic pain, cancer.

Available for iOS and Android
Real Benefits

Start your path towards a healthier brain today.