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Enhance Your Brain

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Enhance Your Brain

In ENHANCE Brain Training you are on a journey through your brain with the goal of activating and using all the important areas of this fantastic organ.

You will visit different parts of your brain that houses a long range of mental abilities for you to improve.

The training programs are designed for maximum benefit of specific real life abilities and your virtual brain will light up to show you how you are progressing.

Fun Gameplay Keeps You Motivated

The goal of Enhance Brain Training is to make your training as enjoyable as possible while staying true to the scientific requirements and the challenge needed for change.

Real change requires determination and devotion. We help you achieve the improvements you want by making your training motivating and fun.

Difficulty Adapts to Your Ability

All games are controlled by an Artificial Intelligence that monitors your performance down to the smallest detail. The games difficulty will adjust itself to suit your ability and maximize the benefit of your training.

If you want results; your training should never be too easy or too difficult


Memory Lane

Race Zapp through the neurons and axions of your brain at break-neck speeds delivering important information to the brain’s memory center.

Playing this game trains an extremely important part of your memory called “working memory”. Working memory is used in everything you do, from critical thinking to memory storage..

Remember Me

Take on the social challenge of remembering names, hobbies and other facts about a series of random people you meet.

We have all experienced meeting someone new, they tell you their name and you immedietly forget…. well, no more! Train your memory and social intelligence with Remember Me.


Explore the limits of your attention and focus and discover how important it is in everyday life.

Your attention is exposed to an incredible amount of stimuli from your surroundings each day. It is the filter that determines what stimuli should be further processed in your brain and what should be ignored.

Are you always able to focus your attention on what matters?



Learn the basic yet very effective techniques to improve the use of your memory, attention, and problem-solving skills. Make your brain healthier and more efficient.


Learn the next level of powerful techniques to improve your Memory, Attention, and Problem Solving in BrainAdvanced. Experience an even bigger boost in your brain’s performance.

Work Enhanced

Are you ready to lift your work effectiveness to new heights? In the Work Enhanced program you’ll learn techniques to enhance work performance, efficiency, creativity, and motivation.

Health Enhanced

There are many ways to obtain and maintain a healthy brain. Learn everything you need to know to keep your brain healthy for your entire life.

Lifestyle Enhanced

Learn effective techniques related to how you live your life that all have great impact on your brains performance. The program focuses on the three areas, sleep, physical activity and stress.

Mindfulness Enhanced

Learn how mindfulness and meditation works in practice and how it can affect your body and mind.  Integrate the benefits of mindfulness and meditation in your life.

Available for iOS and Android
Real Benefits


Enhance delivers effective, entertaining and addictive brain training for both iOS and Android..



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