Intelligence is an oft debated term. A modern and broad-minded way to think about “intelligence” is that it comes in multiple forms. Each form relates to abilities within different aspects of life. It is important to consider this idea before testing or training your intelligence. Most people are strong in some areas and less strong in other areas. If you plan to test your own intelligence, it is very important to be aware of what you are testing. The standard intelligence test usually only deals with reason and logic and while those are important areas to test, they are not necessarily the only ones you should focus on.

Five intelligence areas to focus on

The following is a concise list of the most important forms of intelligence when dealing with multiple intelligences:

  • Reason & Logic –  Covers problem solving, causality, pattern recognition, math and technical understanding.
  • Visual & Spatial –  Covers shapes, colors, direction, composition.
  • Auditory & Linguistic – Covers meaning, sound, language, vocabulary, sentence construction and communication.
  • Bodily & Kinesthetic – Covers sports, physical movement, exercise, dance, building, coordination skills.
  • Social & Emotional – Covers empathy, social interaction, collaboration, teamwork.


Training your intelligence is the same as challenging it. You need to do exercises that will push you to the edge of your ability. You can become faster at processing information, better at detecting patterns, better at performing tasks and much more. The most important thing, is to always challenge yourself to the edge of your ability and push to improve.


Currently our brain training app contains games that focus on attention and memory, but we are constantly designing new exercises in collaboration with some of the leading scientists in the field of brain training and cognitive psychology to expand on the skills you can train. However, we believe that designing effective and scientifically tested exercises isn’t enough in itself. We also want to provide you with fun exercises that you will actually enjoy playing.

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