Memory is a key component in your ability to process information, learn, interact socially and even in maintaining self esteem. When talking about memory, we are actually talking about several complicated abilities to store and retrieve information.

Imagine for the sake of perspective that your brain is a computer. Now imagine having to download the entire internet to this computer. You would have to sort out less important information in order to not overload your computer. Your memory functions in the same way, as a filter that sorts information and stores only what is important in your brain.

In case you were wondering, here is a description of the most commonly used terms when talking about memory:

  • Short-term memory – a functionality where tiny amounts of information are stored for short periods of time for instant use.
  • Working memory – a functionality that generally deals with manipulation of information and behaviors and is used to process information before storage in the long-term memory.
  • Long-term memory – the main functionality for storing information for future use.


We also possess different memory systems for processing visual, spatial and auditory information. 

The ability to remember is a natural skill for humans. However, in the same way that your muscles can be exercised to stay strong or to grow stronger, we can train our memory to become better at storing important information.

During the day you will be using your memory constantly. However, only through exercise will you see an actual improvement. To improve, the brain must be challenged. Our goal is to help you do just that.


How can Brain+ help improve your memory?

Our software application is designed to train many core aspects of your higher brain functions, one of them being memory.

The app design is based on the newest findings within studies of cognitive training and enables you to easily set up training programs for a specific area, like memory, or for a broader cognitive workout. The exercises are entertaining and immersive to help you maintain your motivation.

By continuously challenging your memory, you can improve your ability to retain and recall information, events, and specific details.

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