Brain+ adds new clinical and development competences

To accelerate and support market access of its digital dementia product portfolio
  • Rising star clinical dementia researcher to join the company in a new position as Clinical Director
  • Recently, development was also strengthened with a Quality Manager and a Clinical Research Associate
  • The new hires represent a significant competence upgrade and expansion of the clinical team for more efficient product development and commercialization

Brain+ (BRAINP), a pioneer in the development of digital therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, has hired Nahid Zokaei to a new position as Clinical Director, Erik Esmann Poulsen to a new position as Quality Manager, and Lily Anna Mainstone-Cotton as Clinical Research Associate. Nahid will lead the Brain+ clinical pipeline development including academic partnerships, Erik will manage the Brain+ Quality Management Systems and processes, and Lily will perform user research to inform R&D.

A team expansion to focus efforts on clinical development and market access

Since August, Brain+ has expanded its team with three new hires within regulatory, clinical and user research to support the upcoming launch of its first dementia product, CST-Therapist Companion, and plans to launch two additional Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) products. 

Clinical Director – Nahid Zokaei, PhD and Sr. Research Fellow
Nahid Zokaei is a recognized clinical researcher with deep insights into the cognitive decline in Alzheimer’s and dementia. She is the author of many high-profile publications in the field and has a particular focus on the primary clinical targets for Brain+’ Digital Therapeutic products (DTx), including memory and attention. More specifically, Nahid’s research focuses on the development of selective and sensitive tasks to better phenotype cognitive impairments in neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease and in at-risk individuals. Nahid is currently a Senior Research Fellow and University Research Lecturer at the National Institute for Health Research, Dept of Experimental Psychology & Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom, and she is a member of the Brain and Cognition Lab.

Quality Manager – Erik Esmann Poulsen, MsC.
Erik was a senior regulatory specialist at Medidee Services (now Veranex), a leading European regulatory consultancy, and recently Quality Manager at the Danish Digital Health company, Practio. He will manage the Brain+ Quality Management Systems and processes to ensure the quality and safety of Brain+’ products in compliance with regulatory and commercial requirements.

Clinical Research Associate- Lily Anna Mainstone-Cotton, MsC. Cognitive Psychology
Lily is a Cognitive Researcher with strong emphasis on user engagement research and data analytics from digital health companies, Kooth and Okko Health. Lily will be supporting the clinical user needs in R&D especially around CST for remote use, and analysis of data and real-world evidence from trials and live commercial use.

Nahid, Erik and Lily are strong additions, whom we are very happy to have attracted to our Team. They each come with key competences that enable us to accelerate clinical development and market access significantly. Nahid is a rising star in the field of cognitive decline research. Her profound understanding of dementia will provide critical input to the development of our technologies and how to build supporting clinical evidence. Erik and Lily both come with strong competences in their respective fields critical for marketing regulated products, and developing clinical relevant products that users will comply with

Simon Nielsen, Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Brain+
Brain+ Science & Innovation Team now covers all critical Digital Therapeutic R&D needs

With the three new hires, Brain+ has significantly extended its team to have top talent on each key area needed to create and bring to market regulated and reimbursed Digital Therapeutics (DTx). The full Science & Innovation Team now comprises the Chief Science & Innovation Officer, Simon Nielsen, the Clinical Director; Nahid Zokaei, the Innovation Manager; Mia Dong, the Senior Regulatory Manager; Shilpa Ashok Razdan, the Quality Systems Compliance Manager; Erik Esamann Poulsen and the Clinical Research Associate; Lily Anna Mainstone-Cotton.