Brain+ further advances its first digital dementia product, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) – Therapist Companion

  • Commercial launch in Denmark will be November 1, 2022
  • Adaptation of a UK product version for the United Kingdom starts November 1st in collaboration with a key UK CST researcher, the exact launch timing will be announced later.

Brain+ (BRAINP), a pioneer in the development of digital therapeutics for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, will open for sales of its first digital dementia product, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST)-Therapist Companion, in Denmark on November 1, 2022.

This is fully in line with the company’s announcement on August 26, 2022, informing that a Danish version of the product would be ready for commercial launch in Q4 2022. The confirmed launch follows a period during which the product has been tested by select Danish dementia therapists in a soft launch and thereafter made ready for market launch. The CST-Therapist Companion will be offered via selective B2B contracts in a SaaS (Software as a Service) pricing model to Danish municipalities, who are responsible for the delivery of health care and therapy to people, diagnosed with dementia.

The pricing model will be annual subscriptions, which can be done on the level of number of therapists, an entire clinic, or an entire municipality. The next value inflection following this launch will be closing the first sales contracts.

CST-Therapist Companion is a new digital product for the delivery of evidence-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) to support therapeutic group sessions for people with mild to moderate dementia.

CST in its original non-digital form has been demonstrated to treat the cognitive symptoms of dementia and is the globally leading non-pharmaceutical therapy for the disease with use in 35 countries as of today.

Brain+’s new digitalized version of CST enables dementia therapists to consistently deliver high-quality CST and at the same time save preparation time. The digital CST version also enables newly trained therapists to get started fast.

User testimonials from the Danish soft launch of Brain+ CST-Therapist Companion product

The first therapy session based on the CST-Therapist Companion was a huge success. We started talking about activities from when we were younger, continued with today’s activities, and ended with a story from Canada of bear hunting etc. There was broad agreement that it is a good supporting tool.

Charlotte de Lichtenberg, CST responsible nurse, Rudersdal Municipality

Digital CST is a relevant tool to support the good conversation. It provides ideas for the conversation and guides us through to a good conversation outcome. As a group leader for a CST group, I have used the product to prepare for a specific CST session theme.

Pia Østergaard, development consultant, dementia, Silkeborg Municipality

Having moved to the commercial launch of our first product is a historic moment for Brain+, and the positive feedback we are receiving from the Danish municipalities on their pilot use of CST-Therapist Companion is encouraging. The need for better therapeutic options for people living with dementia is huge, and I am excited for the commercial team to open now first the Danish market, while our Innovation & Tech team extends their work, adapting the product for entry into new markets.

Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO & Co-founder, Brain+
Adaption of CST-Therapist Companion for the UK – the birthplace of CST

On November 1st the adaptation of the Brain+ CST-Therapist Companion for use in the United Kingdom begins as a joint effort with a key UK CST researcher, Esther Hui from The University College of London. Esther is conducting pioneering research on virtually-delivered group CST (vCST), which is group CST delivered online, and virtually delivered individual CST (V-iCST), which is the term for giving CST with only two people online. Esther is supervised by Prof. Aimee Spector, the inventor of CST and the most important global Key Opinion Leader within CST.

The UK market is the market with the widest adoption of CST in clinical practice, and it is also the country where CST was invented and first put into the national health guidelines as the recommended standard of care for people with mild to moderate dementia. In general, the UK is one of the most mature global markets in terms of digital health adoption by the National Health Service, NHS. There are projected to be over 1 million people with dementia in the UK by 2025 and nearly 1.6 million in 2040. The UK market for digital dementia therapeutics is estimated to be €200 million. In combination, this makes the UK a high-priority market for Brain+.