Brain+’ new product for dementia launching Q4 2022  

Digital “CST–Therapist Companion” is launching one year ahead of plan

  • The Brain+ “CST-Therapist Companion” is a new digital product to deliver Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST), a globally recognized evidence-based non-pharmaceutical dementia therapy

  • The Danish market for the Brain+ digital CST products, of which CST-Therapist Companion is the first, is estimated at € 30 million

  • CST is used in 35 countries today, and Brain+ is the first to offer a digital version of the therapy

Brain+ announces that its new digital product, “Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Therapist Companion” (CST-Therapist Companion), will be launched in Denmark in Q4 2022. This launch timeline is a further acceleration of the time to market for the product after the company, in December 2021, announced its expected launch into the Danish and German markets in 2023 rather than 2025 as earlier projected.

CST-Therapist Companion is a new digital product for delivering evidence-based Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) for people with dementia. CST has been demonstrated to treat the cognitive symptoms of dementia and is the globally leading non-pharmaceutical therapy for the disease. The therapy is already the recommended standard of care in Germany and the UK, and its adoption is growing rapidly to include use in 35 countries as of today. The value proposition of Brain+’s new digitalized version of CST is to enable dementia therapists to deliver high-quality CST consistently and at the same time, save up to 8 hours of preparation for every 10 hours of therapy delivered. The digital CST version also enables newly trained therapists to get started fast.

Professional Danish CST therapists from Ikast-Brande and Silkeborg municipalities involved in pilot studies of the CST–Therapist Companion product have commented:
  • ”Digital CST can help me by providing content inspiration to save time on preparation.”
  • “I find the product particularly useful for newly trained therapists, but it is also useful for experienced therapists. It seems to provide a strong foundation to build sessions on.”

The market potential for the Brain+ CST products in Denmark is estimated at € 30 million             

In Denmark, there are ~90.000 people living with dementia, and dementia care is offered by 98 municipalities. Of these, 33 are already using CST and use expansion is growing fast. First sales of the CST-Therapist Companion are expected this year with projected acceleration to take place in 2023, as Brain+ will be presenting its product to Danish municipalities using a Software-as-a-Service  (SAAS) approach. Initial pricing will be either on a ‘fee per therapist use’ basis or as a full municipal license for an unlimited number of therapist users. Later versions of the digital CST product currently in development by Brain+ are expected to be sold as reimbursable prescription products, like medicine. The addressable market potential in Denmark is estimated at € 30 million for Brain+ CST products, of which CST-Therapist Companion is the first of three planned CST products.

The upcoming launch of our first product is the moment we have been striving for: to be able to offer better therapies to help people living with dementia – and in this case also enable their caregivers to deliver better therapy. Everywhere I go and talk to people in the dementia communities about Brain+ and our digital products, they tell me how important it is for patients what we are doing.

Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO, Brain+

Potential international sales scale-up

CST is the recommended standard of care in Germany, and the UK and the therapy is in use in 35 countries today, with more and more countries adopting the method every year. From 2023 onwards, Brain+ intends to scale its sales efforts for the CST–Therapist Companion product on the back of the rapid adoption of CST that is happening internationally.

The CST-Therapist Companion product will be launched as a digital health tool to support therapists and therefore does not require a regulatory certification. This enables Brain+ to get the product fast to market to gain traction and make revenues, gather valuable data and build close relationships with dementia healthcare providers.

Two more sophisticated digital CST dementia products in development

In addition to the CST-Therapist Companion, Brain+ has two more complex digital CST products in development, which are intended to be supported by specific medical claims and to be certified as medical devices. The first of these two upscaled CST products, “CST-Home extension”, is intended to allow CST to be extended to the home for people with dementia to be able to continue individually with the therapy after having finished a 7-week CST group program. CST-Home extension is expected to complete product development in 2023

The second CST product in development, “CST-Stand-alone”, is intended to allow the prescription of CST therapy right after diagnosis for home use without the patient having attended group sessions first.

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