Brain+ begins early activity and brand building in the US

  • The United States (US) is a key future market for Brain+, and early brand building and exploration is now ongoing
  • Brain+ has been selected and featured as a 2022 TMC-Denmark BioBridge Partner in the new Texas Medical Center (TMC) 2022 Biobridge e-book. TMC is the largest medical city in the world
  • 7+ million people ages 65 or older had in the US dementia in 2020
  • US reimbursement/price levels of for Digital Therapeutics (Dtx) at $1000 and beyond
  • The US market potential for DTx for dementia is estimated to be more than $2 billion
Brain+ selected as TMC-Denmark Biobridge partner

October 18 –  The Texas Medical Center (TMC) in collaboration with the Danish Trade Council have created a global life science BioBridge to advance commercial and clinical innovation, and to enable research collaborations and knowledge transfer. As part of showcasing cutting-edge Danish life science companies, Brain+ was selected to be a TMC-Denmark BioBridge Partner and is featured in the new TMC-Denmark Biobridge e-book (Link below). This brings visibility to Brain+ not only at TMC but in all of the US, as TMC is a front-runner in digital health in the US.

The US market is of great interest to us in Brain+, it is the largest healthcare market in the world, and we also estimate it to be the largest market for digital therapeutics for dementia. So, we consider it an important first step to be featured as a BioBridge partner of the largest medical city in the world, with over 10 million annual patient encounters, namely the Texas Medical Center.

Kim Baden-Kristensen, CEO & Co-founder
Early US brand-building activity and exploration

The US is the biggest healthcare market in the world, and it is a market requiring significant diligence, patience, and resources to enter and be active in. Hence the work done at this point from the Brain+ side is awareness building, go-to-market research and early explorative dialogues. The BioBridge e-book is a great example of such awareness building and a platform for future collaborations in the US. Brand awareness is also important because strategic partners, like large pharma, large DTx companies or large US healthcare systems are known to be on the outlook for new partners or even acquisition targets, and getting on their radar can therefore be a valuable trigger and can ultimately be a fast track to accessing both the US and the global market.

$2 billion addressable US market for dementia DTx products

More than 7 million people ages 65 or older had dementia in 2020. If current demographic and health trends continue, more than 9 million Americans could have dementia by 2030 and nearly 12 million by 2040. (PRB.ORG). The US is also a market which generally has prices/reimbursement levels 2-3X those of Europe, and so if a Digital Therapeutic treatment in Europe is €400-700 per treatment (German DIGA levels in Mental-Neuro conditions), the US price level could be well beyond €1000 per treatment.

TMC- Denmark BioBridge partner e-book

(See p. 28. For Brain+):

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