Brain+ partners with German medical distributor

Advances launch of its first CST dementia product in Germany to Q2 2023

  • Through Coopmed, Brain+ will be represented by experienced and local medical sales managers in Germany and begin to build the customer pipeline in preparation for the commercial launch of its first CST dementia product, CST-Therapist Companion.

  • In partnership with Rox Health (part of Roche Germany), Brain+ has successfully completed the regulatory and commercial preparation of CST-Therapist Companion for the German market and now advances its launch plan with six months to Q2 2023.

  • The German market for the Brain+ digital CST dementia products is estimated at € 400 million. There are 2275 nursing homes specialising in dementia in Germany.

Brain+ has engaged with medtech and medical device distributor Coopmed to work on commercialization of its first dementia product “Cognitive Stimulation Therapy – Therapist Companion” (CST-TC), in Germany. The Coopmed collaboration begins at the right time in preparation of Brain+ once again accelerating its launch plans, this time with an earlier launch into the biggest health care market in Europe, Germany, to Q2 2023, six months ahead of plan.

We have chosen to work with Coopmed given their specialty knowhow in bringing innovative medical technologies into the German market. Because we are now launching already in Q2 2022 it was also important for us to work with a partner that was both agile and has very experienced people on board. We will partner our way to scale sales internationally rather than building our own international sales force. Our commercial partnerships can vary by product and market, and the Coopmed partnership suits the initial B2B sales model in Germany well.

Kim Baden-Kristensen

About 1 million people are living with mild-to-moderate dementia in Germany, which is the clinical segment that Cognitive Stimulation Therapy(CST) addresses. There are 2,275 nursing homes (fully in-patient) specialized in dementia in Germany (about 20% of all nursing homes), and over 3,800 out-patient services specialized in dementia (around 25% of all out-patient services) (source: Statistisches Bundesamt). Brain+ is not providing specific sales forecasts yet, given that the product is so new and will depend upon sales partners and local adoption. However, the total market potential in Germany is estimated at €400 million.

The Coopmed partnership begins immediately and entails Coopmed doing the preparatory work before the launch of the CST-TC product, as planned in 2023, including starting customer dialogues, preparing a customer pipeline, and optimizing sales model and pricing.  Coopmed will target German care homes and clinics servicing people with dementia, who are offering or want to offer CST.

While CST-TC is sold using a SaaS model, later CST product versions will be sold in a reimbursed prescriptions model. In Germany, reimbursement for CST-Therapist Companion will be sought via the DIPA channel and later product versions (CST-Home Extension and CST-Stand Alone) via the DIGA channel. The DIPA reimburses up to €600 per year, and DIGA on average €400 per treatment.

Coopmed is a Danish/German medtech distributor and consultancy, focused on supporting innovative medtech companies with German commercial expertise and distribution. Coopmed is founded by highly experienced medtech and medical device sales and commercial executives, including Finn Ketler, former SVP of Coloplast (DK, DE). The partnership begins as an initial 4 month engagement that will then be extended upon evaluation of the progress.

The Rox Health / Roche partnership continues after the product launch

The partnership with Rox Health, the German Subsidiary of Roche Pharma, has been critical in bringing the CST-TC product earlier to the market and especially for the German launch. The partnership continues after the launch with the next target being applications for the DIPA/DIGA national reimbursement pathways for the Brain+ CST products. Rox Health and Brain+ will mainly focus on fulfilling the health outcomes, health economic outcomes and regulatory requirements needed for approval.

Brain+ and the Danish-German Care Alliance is meeting the large German elderly care homes

Earlier this year Brain+ was selected by the Trade Council in Germany to join the Dänisch-Deutsche Pflegeallianz (DDPA), which facilitates meetings between Danish suppliers and elderly care homes Germany. This alliance puts Brain+ and CST in front of the largest German nursing homes.


Large international scaling potential for CST in 35 countries, with UK and US on the roadmap

35 countries have adopted CST and more are on the way. These are all are potential markets that Brain+ will pursue in a prioritized sequence. The ambition is to expand with 1-2 new markets annually. The UK and the US are high priority markets on the Brain+ roadmap as CST originated in the UK, and Brain+ has strong partnerships there, and US is the world’s biggest health care market.


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