Below you can find solutions to situations that some users have experienced.

Make sure you have updated the app to its newest version before you start searching for solutions. We have introduced some major changes in the past updates.
If you have tried the solutions written below with no luck in solving your situation, please contact our support.

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Brain+ Enhance - FAQ

Account Creation


“The app won’t accept my username”

The app requires your username to be at least 6 digits.

Please try a longer name and see if that solves your problem.


Stuck in a loop


“The app seems to be stuck in a loop and i can’t continue”

If you experience being stuck in a loop we recommend that you try to restart the app.

This is how you can force a restart of any iOS app:

  • Exit the app – by clicking once on the ”home”-button on your iPhone or IPad
  • Remove the app from the process line – This can be done by double clicking the ”home”-button. It will display all open programs. Press on the screen that shows the Brain+ app and slide your finger to the top of the screen, making the screen disappear.
  • open the app again.



Purchase/subscription options


I wish to edit/cancel my subscription”

All subscriptions and purchases go through your iTunes profile and can be edited there.

Here is a link to Apples Subscription management guide:


Brain+ Brain Training - FAQ

Setup of account, login and starting the app


”I can’t connect to the Brain+ server”

If you are trying to log in and can’t connect to the server, please try the following:

1) Make sure your phone is on a stable Wi-Fi connection and try logging in again

2) Reboot the app and try logging in again. This can be done with the following steps:

  • Exit the app – by clicking once on the ”home”-button on your iPhone or IPad
  • Remove the app from the process line – This can be done by double clicking the ”home”-button. It will display all open programs. Press on the screen that shows the Brain+ app and slide your finger to the top of the screen, making the screen disappear.
  • open the app again.

3) contact customer support at:


”The link to confirm my email (or reset my password) does not work”

There can be a couple of explanations:

1) The link only works in a short period.

2) The link only works one time. If you have clicked the link already, it resets.

3) It is possible there has been some problems with the internet connection the first time you clicked the link.


  • Go to “My Brain+” – My Brain+ is located in the main menu, furthest to the right.
  • Go to Personal information
  • delete email
  • Carefully type in your email again and press save changes.
  • A new email with a new link should arrive in your inbox.
  • Make sure you are online and test if the link works – you should arrive at a webpage with a “thank you for verifying your email.”


“I created a user name, but cannot log in with it”


We have registered 150 users, who mistyped a space at the end of the username. Try entering your username with a space at the end to test for this possibility.

The username is also case sensitive. Check whether you have used capital letters in your username.

Training program


”I have bought a membership, but I am being told there is no more time left/the games are locked”

This can occur because of several reasons:

1) You are trying to play more than the standard training program is set to.


Make sure you are at “Todays training”. Check that the training program (The button  with an icon shaped like a cogwheel), located in the upper right corner of the app is set to have the correct amount of training sessions per week. If it is set to 7 sessions a week you have to increase it if you want to do more than one session a day. Alternatively, you can click on “All Games” in the main menu and play without time limitations


2) The standard training program we gave you when you downloaded the app is over


Make sure you are at “Todays training”. Up in the right corner you will see an icon shaped like a cogwheel. Press it and set up a new training program. Remember, you can set up how long a training session should be, how many times you want to exercise a day/week, what abilities you mainly want to exercise and how good you are aiming to become (CPI)


3) You could have been logged out by accident


  • Go to “My Brain+” – The button furthest to the right in the menu in the bottom of the app
  • Go to Login
  • Log in with your username and password

Game: Remember Me


“Remember Me suddenly produces a black screen and is retrieving data” 

Occasionally (when you have progressed far enough in the game) Remember Me has to fetch new people from our online database.

Make sure you have a good internet connection when this happens.

If you are using a bad connection at the time, the game might have trouble fetching the required data and will end up being stuck.


Shut down the app completely and restart it. Try to open the game at a time where you know you have access to a good connection.


”I am no longer being introduced to new people and I am not getting any new information about the existing people in Remember Me anymore”


If you are not introduced to new people and no longer getting new information about them, it means you have been through the many hundred pieces of information the first version of the game contains.

As part of the app development, we will be expanding the amount of information significantly. As a subscriber, you will automatically receive every expansion that are available to you when you update the app.

Until then, you are still able to exercise your brain with the game until you can correctly remember every piece of information in the game without any help. Remember to try and “play” the game in real life too.

Game: Captains Challenge


“I am experiencing that the ship in Captains Challenge is difficult to steer.”

Captains Challenge tutorial and tips:

Always start by pressing the green flag.

The ship will sail to that location.

From there, you can steer the ship onto the course with the marked squares (the ones with a grey box/marking around them).

The ship can only enter the course from the green flag (That is part of the challenge).

Sometimes it is easier to steer the ship by individually tapping the first two squares and the last. If you are having difficulty aiming with the ship, do not slide your finger across the course but simply individually tap the squares you want to go to.

Aiming has to be very precise because of the size of the squares, especially on the IPhone.

However, with practice you will eventually be able to steer the ship through the entire course in one long sweep with a finger.

When you experience multiple flags, you have to sail to them in the correct order (green flag, then 1 flag, 2 flags, 3 flags, end-flag)


“Sometimes I experience a big variation in difficulty in Captains Challenge”

The purpose of the variation in difficulty is twofold:

  1. To have constant variation for your brain. The brain must not get used to “now there are 3 flags”, “now there are 4” etc. It has to be surprised constantly.
  2. To test your outer limits. Occasionally you will experience a very difficult or very easy course. The game is doing this to test whether you are ready to move forward or if something still needs improving.

This is an intentional feature of the algorithm controlling the game. It can seem a bit peculiar when you are used to a linear progression through difficulty.

After you have played for a while, you will notice that the easier courses will appear less and less frequent and so will the very difficult ones.



“Is the app available for Android or other platforms?”


The plan is to develop the app for all the major platforms, including Android.
Before we get to that step, however, we want to develop the product quite a lot further. The current version is only the beginning of a much more extensive app with more games and functions.
Since it requires many resources to develop an app on many platforms, we had to start with one of them.
If you want to stay tuned you can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page, we write about the newest discoveries about the brain and how to use them in daily life. You can also like our Facebook page for regular updates on brain training discoveries and brain+ news.
We hope you can be patient until then


”Is there a benchmark for what a normal CPI is? Is my CPI good or bad?


A feature that will be implemented in the future will be the ability to compare yourself to the general population of users. Later on, it will be developed further, to also allow comparison to subgroups (like comparing age groups, how well you are doing in your age group “Top X% of the population”, etc.)

As we get more and more users we will be teaming up with our researchers and analyze the typical CPI (Cognitive Performance Index) developments and levels. It is still a fair bit in the future however.

The exciting part about this is that, currently, there are no universal standards for measuring basic cognitive abilities. Because of that, we hope that this project will help in providing a scientific tool of measurement and a performance standard, for example by using an index such as CPI as a standard.


“Have you updated the Brain+ app to its latest version in the App Store?”

We are frequently providing updates for the app that ensures that it runs better and receives new functionality. So remember to check if you have the latest version.


“I am experiencing a problem you have not described here”

If you have a problem we have not yet described on this page, we would love to hear from you. Please contact our support at