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International Articles


Healthy living

Article: Escape your brain’s sabotage

Featured in: HealthyLiving Magazine

Description: Article by Brain+ CEO, Kim Baden-Kristensen, about a technique that will help you to make better decisions in life and for your brain health.



H edition

Article: A Beautiful Mind

Featured in: H Edition Magazine

Description: Article by Brain+ CEO, Kim Baden-Kristensen, about how you best take action on certain tasks in your life.




India Tech Online

Article: iOS  app from Denmark help train your brain!

Featured in: India Tech Online

Description: The Brain+ app was featured in an article and as The Pic of the Day. The article promoted the launch of the Brain+ app in India.





Article: From Crytek to Brain+: Rasmus Højengaard’s startup journey

Featured in:

Description: published an article about Rasmus Højengaard, his involvement in the Brain+ project and his background in one of the world’s largest game development companies, Crytek.

Article (Dutch): Mobile game of the week, Brain+

Featured in:

Description: The Brain+ app was featured as app of the week on and received a 4 out of 5 rating.





Article: Danish company Brain+ launches app that trains the brain

Featured in: Scoop – New Zealand

Description: Scoop New Zealand published a press release about the launch of the Brain+ app in New Zealand.




Gaming Central

Article: Danish company Brain+  launches powerful app that trains the brain

Featured in:

Description: Article promoted the launch of the app in India, which also informed readers about the participation of Rasmus Højengaard.




Danish Articles


Væksthus for ledelse

Article (Danish): 3 techniques to sharpen your brain

Featured in: Væksthus for ledelse

Description: Article by Brain+ CEO, Kim Baden-Kristensen, about three different techniques that make the brain sharper in a busy work day.




Article (Danish): Brain-app chosen as investor darling

Featured in: Finans

Description: Article about Brain+ being chosen as the best investment object at Accelerace Investor Day




Article (Danish): Can Computer Games Prevent Aging in the Brain?

Featured in: Jyllandsposten

Description: The article investigates the benefits of brain training and the goals and methods of the large-scale research project conducted by the University of Copenhagen (Games for Life) using Brain+ technology.




Article (Danish): New App for Brain Training, June 28th, 2013

Featured in:

Description: A general description of the Brain+ project. The development of the app is possible because of a coalition of people with business, programming and research backgrounds. The app is developed to benefit everyone – from training healthy brains to rehabilitation of brain damage. The app also aims to limit or prevent cognitive decline attributed to age.




Article (Danish): A New Hope for all Brain Damaged, June13th, 2013 (Danish)

Featured in: Jyllandsposten

Description: A TV program on Danish television illustrates the challenges that the Danish healthcare system is faced with during the rehabilitation treatment of brain damage. Brain+ has commented on this by pointing out the need for new computer-based methods of treatment for rehabilitation of brain damage. Watch the program (in Danish) here



TV Features


Tv2 Lorry

Link to interview (Danish)Games for Life

Featured on: TV2 Lorry – Lounge

Description: A televised interview about the research study that the University of Copenhagen is conducting together with Brain+. The aim is to discover the possibilities of brain training through the use of digital games.





Link to interview (Danish): App Demonstration

Featured on: DR1

Description: A televised interview about the official launch of the app, its purpose to train healthy people as well as the goal of rehabilitating and diagnosing brain damage. The interview also gave a demonstration of the functionality and looks of the Brain+ training app.