On this sub-page can be found information and documents related to the announced Brain+ unit issue with pre-emptive rights for the company’s existing shareholders to subscribe for new shares. As indicated at the time of the company’s IPO and as the market for digital therapy is still young, Brain+ will in the coming years need external capital to help fund its commercial operations and grow its product portfolio, until reaching commercial scale and profitability.


The offer

Investors can subscribe for units in Brain+ A/S during the subscription period which runs from 10 May 2023 to 25 May 2023. Each unit consists of two (2) shares, two (2) warrants of series TO 2 and two (2) warrants of series TO 3. The price is DKK 1.00, per unit, corresponding to DKK 0.50 per share. All four warrants are issued free of charge.

Where to subscribe

You can subscribe for units through your custodian bank. Deadlines for subscribing through custodian banks may be earlier than the end of the subscription period. Shareholders with Nordnet as a custodian bank, must for instance act before 16 May 2023.

Subscribe for units using pre-emptive rights

As an existing shareholder in Brain+, you have been allocated pre-emptive unit rights which you can use to subscribe for units with guaranteed allocation of shares. Existing shareholders or other investors can subscribe for additional units with guaranteed allocation by acquiring and exercising additional pre-emptive unit rights which will be traded on Nasdaq First North during the period 8 May – 23 May 2023.

Holders of pre-emptive unit rights can exercise their rights and subscribe for units from their own custodian bank’s trading platform. Use the bank’s ‘corporate actions’ web page, where information regarding issues of shares can be found, or contact your adviser.

Subscribe for new units without pre-emptive rights

If not all pre-emptive unit rights are exercised and all units in the rights issue, therefore, are not subscribed for by the use of pre-emptive unit rights, remaining units will be allot- ted to investors that have subscribed for units without use of pre-emptive unit rights.

Investors wishing to subscribe for units without pre-emptive unit rights, can do so through the corporate action page on their custodian banks’ respective trading platforms. Alternatively, if a custodian bank does not offer a standardized subscription solution for corporate actions, subscription without the use of pre-emptive unit rights can be filed using a subscription form. Fill in the form and send or hand it to your custodian bank such that the subscription form is forwarded to Nordic Issuing AB no later than 25 May 2023. The subscription form can be found below to download.

Summary of the Rights Issue

Subscription period: The 10 – 25 May 2023

Subscription price: DKK 1.00 per unit corresponding to DKK 0.50 per share.

Issue amount:  The Issue will comprise a maximum of 15,720,518 units. If the initial rights issue is fully subscribed, the company will receive approx. DKK 15.7 million before transaction related costs.

Pre-subscription and guarantee commitment: The company received, in March 2023, pre-subscription commitments and guarantee commitments ensuring a minimum subscription in the rights issue of approximately DKK 13.40 million, corresponding to approximately 85 percent of the rights issue. Approximately DKK 4.44 million refers to pre-subscription commitments and approximately DKK 8.93 million to guarantee commitments.

Dilution: An existing shareholder’s percentage of ownership in Brain+ may be reduced, or diluted, upon issue of units, if he/she refrains from exercising all the pre-emptive unit rights allocated. The dilution can be up to 66.7 percent if the initial issue is fully subscribed. Shareholders can partially protect themselves from dilution by either partly exercising the allocated pre-emptive unit rights or selling them over the market.

Timeline for Rights Issue*

8 May

First day of trading of pre-emptive unit rights

9 May

Record date for obtaining pre-emptive unit rights

10 May

First day of subscription period

23 May

Last day of trading of pre-emptive unit rights

25 May

Last day of subscription period

7 June

Expected first day of trading of the new shares and warrants

* Timeline is indicative

Web conference with Brain+

On Monday 15 May 2023 at 16:00 CEST, Brain+ hosted an online Investor Update. The replay is available here and also a written transcript of the Q&A. 

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Further information

* This information document constitutes marketing and is not a prospectus within the meaning of Regulation (EU) 2017/1129 of the European Parliament and of the Council. The invitation to subscribe for securities in Brain+ A/S (”Brain+” or the ”Company”) is made only by means of the prospectus published on 24 April 2023, which is available, inter alia, on Brain+ website (www.brain-plus.com). Investors should not subscribe for any securities referred to in this information document based on information other than that contained in the prospectus.