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27. October 2022

Leading dementia researcher joins Brain+

Brain+ adds new clinical and development competences To accelerate and support market access of its digital dementia product portfolio Rising star clinical dementia researcher to join the company in a new position as Clinical Director […]

24. October 2022

CST Therapist Companion advancing

Brain+ further advances its first digital dementia product, Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) – Therapist Companion Commercial launch in Denmark will be November 1, 2022 Adaptation of a UK product version for the United Kingdom starts […]

19. October 2022

Brain+ begins early activity and brand building in the US

Brain+ begins early activity and brand building in the US The United States (US) is a key future market for Brain+, and early brand building and exploration is now ongoing Brain+ has been selected and […]

12. October 2022

First milestone met

Brain+ meets milestone with Rox Health (Roche Germany) Rox Health has approved the German version of Brain+’s first digital dementia product, CST-Therapist Companion, for commercial launch.  Meeting this milestone unlocks access for Brain+ to additional […]

11. October 2022

New Research report values Brain+

New research report values Brain+ at DKK 4.1 per share in the base case, and DKK 6.4 in the bull case. The research report concludes that “Brain+ is in a strong position to grow towards […]

28. September 2022

Accelerated launch Q2 2023

  Brain+ partners with German medical distributor Advances launch of its first CST dementia product in Germany to Q2 2023   Through Coopmed, Brain+ will be represented by experienced and local medical sales managers in […]

26. August 2022

Brain+’ new product for dementia launching Q4 2022

  Brain+’ new product for dementia launching Q4 2022     Digital “CST–Therapist Companion” is launching one year ahead of plan   The Brain+ “CST-Therapist Companion” is a new digital product to deliver Cognitive Stimulation Therapy […]

2. August 2022

Growing interest in DTx from big pharma

Brain+ is experiencing growing interest from big pharma in its Digital Therapeutics solutions for dementia. Brain+ is a first mover in the field of Digital Therapeutics (DTx) solutions to treat Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) and other […]

12. July 2022

Common Nordic digital health evaluation framework launched

Common Nordic digital health evaluation framework launched Digital Therapeutics (DTx) is a growing trend and is increasingly a recognized market providing an important supplement to the established trillion USD pharmaceutical market (traditional medicine).  The DTx […]

24. June 2022

Germany opens the DiPA reimbursement pathway

Germany opens the DiPA reimbursement pathway to support the adoption of digital health applications, underpinning the value of the #1 target market for Brain+’ first commercial dementia product, CST A significant event for Brain+ as […]

25. May 2022

1m SEK FORTE grant project to map digital interventions for dementia

1m SEK FORTE grant project to map digital interventions for dementia Helping Brain+ strengthen patient and care giver compliance for product development PURPOSE: The FORTE project will perform a scoping review of digital interventions for […]

29. April 2022

2021 Brain+ Annual Report

From the CEO:  I am pleased with the Brain+ 2021 annual results we have presented today. With our commitment to develop medical software to detect and treat the cognitive symptoms of dementia, 2021 brought real […]

12. November 2021

Dementia in Denmark – Is the healthcare system ready? (NO!)

Dementia in Denmark - Is the healthcare system ready? (NO!) "Get started now!" - was the clear call to action for the healthcare system and politicians from Pia, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's at a [...]
12. November 2014

Illusions & Brain Benders: How Your Mind Plays Tricks on You

The brain is one of the most magnificent and complex things on earth. Even the brain is not perfect though. Sometimes, the immense amount of subconscious processes that constantly operate in your brain can result [...]
8. May 2014

Training Yourself to Learn: The Best Ways to Study

It is never too late to learn. Learning new things challenges the brain, revitalizes us and keeps us sharp. Our brains are lazy by default. They will constantly attempt to automate as many processes as […]

8. February 2014

Games for Life: Paving the Way for Brain Training

The subject of brain training is undoubtedly one of the hottest topics in modern science. The idea that the brain can be trained like a muscle in our body is a fascinating one and it […]

6. November 2013

Measuring Intelligence – What is in an IQ Test?

Most people have already sat through an intelligence quotient test, or IQ test as it is more commonly known, for fun, for school, as part of a job interview or a military examination. After solving […]

10. October 2013

Motivation for the Brain: Why Brain Training Has To Be Fun

Keeping our body in shape is not all fun and games. It requires discipline and continuous, regular training in order to be truly effective. To have such discipline requires motivation, which is why we often […]

5. September 2013

Parlez-vous Francais?: The Wonders and Benefits of the Bilingual Brain

  Today more than ever, scientists devote their time and resources to researching the benefits and effects of bilingualism. Most of us speak two or more languages but do not realise how this affects our […]

7. August 2013

Can you accurately predict the outcome of your plans?

We can probably all agree that plans are important. Being able to plan something ahead of time – and predict the outcome – requires an ability to look past “the now” and foresee complex situations […]